1000W Continuous 5 Head Softbox Light Socket

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Looks Similar? NO, WE ARE DIFFERENT!


Q) How many lights are suitable for square softbox?

A) 5 Lights provides the best performance eliminating glares from single or 4 lights and pointing more even light beam. JULIUS STUDIO specialized in photography industry designed 5 Lights to make real studio equipments investing more money. That is what we are doing.


1 Light
Center Only
Center Hot Point

4 Lights
Not Even Disperse
Center Dark Point

Providing Even Light Srouce
TV Studio Quality

Too many AH Required
& Softbox gets Hot
AH Checking Required for Safety
Currency Problem

Q) Why is indepedant switches operation better?

A) CFL bulb requires MORE AH to make less flicking and safety issues. It is much better that each light bulbs are operated by independant switches. Also it will provide more Lumen/Brightness control. That is why JULIUS STUDIO uses independant swithes operation.

JULIUS STUDIO High Quality Photo Studio Softbox Light Holder Adapter

  • Operate 5 Bulbs separately to control light strem using 5 indepandant On/Off switch buttons
  • Soften light intense through internal white cover and soft box
  • Built-in control handle to protect you from hot light body during operation
  • Operated with 5 Day-light Studio Light Bulbs (Bulb not included)
  • Work with 110 - 120V

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