14 Inch LED Ring Light, 5600K Dimmable, Camera Mount Screw Nut Adapter

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14-inch LED Ring Light

Ring light efficiently removes sharp shadow, and is especially ideal for beauty facial photo-shoot.
It is easy to set up, mountable on any light stand and compatible with DSLR camera with
hot shoe mount adapter. With fabric diffuser, it produces neutral color and evenly spread light stream
for better photo-shoot environment.

- Light Type: LED SMD
- Shape: Circle
- Diameter: 14 inch
- LED Bulbs: 180
- Color Temperature: 5600 Kelvin
- Brightness Control Available
- Power Supply: AC120V
- White Diffuser Cover Included
- Carry Bag Included
- Camera Shoe Mount Adapter

14 inch Ring Light Orange Filter
It is suitable for adjusting the brightness and shadow. It is lightweight, portable, nylon with
high light transmittance and suitable for 14 inch ring light.

- Shape: Round
- Diameter: 14 inches
- Color: Orange

SKU : AGG2213_V2