Julius Studio Photo Video Studio 24"x36" Gold/Silver Disc Reflector with Disc Holder Clip for Light Stand, JSAG467

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(1) x Reflector Disc Holder Clip for Light Stand

Material: Alunimum alloy with satin silver finish 
Weight: 2.35 oz/ 67g 

Easy to assemble 
Great to use without an assistant 
Perfect for positioning your reflectors 
Simple to use / Just attach the reflector to the stand via the reflector holder and position as needed 
Made from aluminum alloy with satin silver finish 

Package includes 1x background and reflector holder 

(1) x 7" Compact Light Stand

Zinc stud head 
It extends to a maximum height of 86" 
For light fixtures or boom arms 
Die cast steel for quality built 
This heavy duty light stand can load capacity of about 20 lbs 

(1) x Collapsible Reflector 24"x36" Disc Reflector w/ Carry Bag (Silver/Gold)

Can be used indoors or outdoors 
Carrying case included
Perfect for 3/4 length portraits and medium still-life setups 
Shape : Disc Reflector 
Size : 24"x36" (60x90cm) 
When folded : 12.5" Diamter 
Convenienct Zipped round carrying bag included 

Make soft and warm tone. 
Decrease the exposal from background to foreground. 
More natural effect when backlighting. 

Make cold tone and a more bright effect. 
Provide a sharp contrast light. 
Highlight the fine surface texture and improve color saturation.