Complete Portrait Studio Kit w/ Flashes Softboxes Gels & Barn Door

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JULIUS STUDIO 86" Tall Studio Quality High Output Light Stand

  • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
  • Light Weight: Easy to Move
  • Indutrial Standard Mounting Stud
  • Solid Locking System for Light Safety
  • Height adjustable Min 30" - Max 86.5"


JULIUS STUDIO 28" Tall Studio Quality High Output Accent Light Stand

  • Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
  • Suitable for Accent Light, Table Top Light
  • Easy Flip Locking System
  • Light Weight: Easy to Move
  • Indutrial Standard Mounting Tip
    - Works with most of Flash/Strobe Light, Umbrella, Reflectors
  • Solid Locking System for Light Safety
  • Height adjustable Min 15" - Max 28" with footprint
JULIUS STUDIO High Quality Photo Studio Flash/Strobe Light Holder
  • Holds 1 of 5500K 110W Circular Flash Tube and 1 of 50W Model Light
    (Total 160W: 110W + 50W)
  • Voltage: AC 110 - 130V/60Hz
  • Comes with a Test Buttom and Power Output Dial from 1/16 to full
  • On/Off Switch for Model Light
  • LED Light Indicators
    - AC Power On(Red LED), Flash Ready Indicator (Green LED), Photo Light Cell
  • Recharge Time: 1.2 - 2.1 S
  • Works as main, back, or focus light
  • Easy adjustable shooting angle
  • Code & Plug, Sync Cable Included (11 ft. each)
  • Photo-Cell(Salve Sensor) include: Turns on automatically in dark
  • Wireless Trigger sold separately
JULIUS STUDIO Circular Flash Tube Bulb
  • Wattage: 110W
  • Flash Tube Life: 8000 Hrs.
JULIUS STUDIO Model Light Bulb
  • Wattage: 50W
  • Bi-pin Base
Ultimate Soften Light Soft Box
  • Made of high quality nylon
  • Size: 28" x 20" soft box (W x H)
  • Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting
  • Color: Black/Silver (Out/In)
    - Silver Internal Face: Minimize Light Loss & Maximize Light Spread
  • 2 Levels Light Control Available
    - 1. Soft Box Only
    - 2. Soft Box + External White Cover
  • It connects to the speed ring that is built into the light head

External Snow White Cover

  • Cover front soft box and spread light out evenly
  • Assembled by Easy Set-up Velcro
  • Made of premium Nylon

Organizing Carrying Case

  • Never be messed!
    - Organize and store them in convenient carrying case
  • Stores 4 x Tension Bars, 1 x Soft Box, 1 x External White Cover per each case
  • Made of premium Nylon
High Quality Photo Studio Slave Flash Light Bulb

  • Wattage: 45W
  • Input Voltage: 110 - 130V
  • Base: Regular Screw Base
  • Kelvin Temperature: 5500 - 6000K
  • Flash Synchronization: 1/800 sec
  • Control Distance: 39 ft.
  • Built-in Slave Trigger
    * The built-in slave trigger will fire the flash when another flash fires.
  • 2 x Built-in LED Status Indicator
    - Red: in charging
    - Green: Ready
Studio Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light Holder

  • Easy to set up
  • On/Off Switch
  • Max power can be used 105W energy saving bulb
  • Lamp base E26/E27 x1
  • Code & Plug included (9 ft.)
JULIUS STUDIO Photo Studio Black/Gold Premium Umbrella Reflector

  • Gold reflective internal face and Black back side
    - Gold Internal Face: Minimize Light Loss & Maximize Light Spread
    - Gold: achieve warm glowing skin tones
  • Produces a Warmer Output than Silver Reflector
  • Ideal for Portatraits & Object Product Shooting
  • Material: Gold Reflective & Black Nylon, Aluminum Shaft
  • Dimension: 33" Wide
  • Light Weight: Less than 1 Lbs
  • Color: Translucent Gold and Black
  • Reflect and Spread light stream evenly
  • Eliminate glare and spots
JULIUS STUDIO 4-Channel Radio Remote Trigger & Receiver Set for Studio Strobe

  • 4 Channels Radio Remote Trigger for Flash/Strobe Light
  • Working with most of Flash/Strobe Light
  • Supports up to 4 Flash/Strobe Lights
  • Operate by 2 x AAA Battery
JULIUS STUDIO 5 Colors Multi Studio Light Collapsible Disc Reflector

  • Shape : Disc Reflector
  • 5-in-1 multi photo disc reflector
  • Size Open : 22" Diameter
  • When folded: 9" Diamter
  • Net Weight: 10 Oz
  • Convenienct Zipped round carrying bag included
  • Durable and flexible steel spring frame
    - Easy spreading and closing.



  • Universal Size
  • 3 7/8" diameter
  • Light Weight: Easy to Install
  • Color: Black
JULIUS STUDIO Barn Door for Flash/Strobe Light

  • 4 Leaf to adjust Light Intensity
  • Ideal for most of Lighting System
    - Facilitates shaping of the beam of light from the fixture, and prevent the distinctive scatter of light created
  • Mounted with color gel
  • Made of Metal


4 x Color Gels

  • Translucent, Red, Yellow, Blue
    - Chang your background color
  • Correct Light Balance or Create Speical Light Effects
  • Used with the Barn Door attachment or Lens Holder
Hand Painted Tie Dye Muslin Backdrop Background

  • Color - Hand Dyed
  • 100% A grade premium quality cotton
  • A seamless and weaving surface
  • Machine washable
  • Crimped along the edge to prevent tears
  • Pre - stitched loop/easy to fold
  • 3" Rod Pocket


JULIUS STUDIO Exclusive Premium Carry Bag

  • Custom Designed for JULIUS STUDIO Kit
  • All-in-One Bag and Move your Studio
    - Store Muslin Stand, Umbrellas, Muslins, Lights, even your Camera*
    * Light Bulbs may be carried seperately
  • Durability: Made of High Quality Material
    - Durable Premium 600D Oxford Nylon
    - Heavy Duty: Support up to 80 Lbs
    - Reinforced Seams
  • Water Resistant

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