Julius Studio Photography Video Studio Portrait Lighting Kit, White & Black Umbrella Reflector, Continuous Bulb & Socket with Umbrella Insert, Light Stand Tripod, JSAG284V2 [Carry Bag Included]

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[2 x] 33-inch Diameter White Umbrella Reflector
[2 x] 33-inch Diameter Black Umbrella Reflector

33-inch Diameter
White Umbrella: Neutral Color Temperature Effect
Black Umbrella: High Light and Shade Contrast
Eliminates Glad and Hotspot

[3 x] Fluorescent Photo Light Bulb
Energy Saving up to 80%
E26/E27 Standard Base Size
45 Watt / 6500 Kelvin
Equal to 200 Watt Output Power
Spiral Shape
8 x 3 Inch Dimension

[3 x] Single Head Photo Bulb Socket with Umbrella Holder
105 Watt Max Power Capacity
E26/E27 Standard Base Size
Cord & Plug Attached, 9 ft. Long
On/Off Switch Attached on Power Cable

[2 x] 86-inch Tall Photo Studio Light Stand
[1 x] 28-inch Tall Photo Studio Light Stand

Height adjustable Min 50"-Max 86"
Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
Light Weight & Easy to Carry
1/4 Inch Standard Screw Thread Tip
Solid Locking System for Light Safety
Carry Bag Included

[1 x] Photo-equipment Carry Bag
[1 x] Photo-bulb Carry Bag

Premium Quality Nylon Material
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