Julius Studio 24"X16" Soft Box Photography Continuous 800W Lighting Kit Photo Studio Equipment with 4 Socket Light Bulb Adaptor, 8pcs E27 Video Lighting Bulb, Portraits Shooting Box JSAG314V2

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Photography Softbox Reflector with Cover Diffuser

Photo studio softbox reflector, Made of high quality nylon. Produces the ultimate, softest light stream and removes shadows
for a perfect shoot. Silver internal face, minimizes light loss and maximizes light spread. 
-Size: 24 x 16 Inch
-Color: Black/Silver
-Material: High Quality Nylon

4 Socket Light Bulb Adaptor

Operates 4 bulbs separately to control light stream using 2 On/Off switch buttons located on the back.
The head acts as a speedlight for the dedicated softbox.
Softens light intensity through the internal white cover and soft box
-Works with 110 - 120V 
-Operate: 4 Bulbs 
-Color: Black
-Material: Porcelain 

86" Tall Studio Quality High Light Stand

-Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages 
-Industrial Standard Mounting Stud
-Height adjustable Min 53" - Max 100" 

45W Digital Full Spectrum Photo Light Bulb

-Energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb, saves energy up to 80%
-Screw Base: E27
-Color Temperature: 6500K
-Watts: 45W, Equals to 200W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output
-Style: Spiral
-Lamp Tone: Day Light
-Overall Diameter: 2.25"
-Overall Length: 7"

Heavy Duty Carry Case

All-in-One bag, move your studio wherever you go. Stores softbox reflectors, umbrellas, muslins, light stands, backdrop supports
-Color: Black -Material: 600D Oxford Nylon
* Light Bulbs may be carried separately

Package include:

[2 x] Photography Softbox Reflector
[2 x] 4 Socket Light Bulb Adaptor
[2 x] 86" Tall Studio Quality High Light Stand
[8 x] 45W Digital Full Spectrum Photo Light Bulb
[1 x] Heavy Duty Carry Bag

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