Wood Floor Backdrop Muslin with Umbrella Lighting Kit, Background Support Stand, Bulb, Socket, Spring Clamp, White & Black Umbrella Reflector

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Julius Photo Studio Continuous Lighting Kit
Julius Studio's continuous lighting kit features easy & quick
installation, portability, and whole photo studio package. Its
remarkable quality will bring professional and amateur photographers
flexibilities & capabilities around the photo studio environment.

Background Support Stand
- Maximum of 10 ft. Width / Maximum of 7.4 ft. Height
- Fast & Precision Length Adjustment

Wood Floor Backdrop Muslin
- White Wood Floor Pattern / 5 ft. x 10 ft. Dimension
- Non-glossy / Non-reflective / Folded Screen Printed Plastic

Umbrella Lighting Stand
- White Umbrella: Neutral Skin Tone / Black: Increased Lighting Contrast
- 33-inch Umbrella Diameter / Easy and Quick Fold & Unfold
- 45W Compact Fluorescent Bulb / 80% Energy Saving
- 78-inch Height Tripod Stand / 1/4-inch Standard Screw Tip
- E26, E27 Standard Base Bulb Socket

Photo Studio Support Spring Clamp
- Material Synthetic Nylon
- Light Weight and Strong Pinch