Studio Ceiling Track System Photography Sky Rail

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LS Photo Pro Studio Sky Rail System Rail
  • Deluxe aluminum construction
  • Various rail system layout available using rail extender
  • Popular Layout
  • 4.7ft (Extend 4.7 ft to Max over 35ft also, Arrange it according to the structure of size of studio)


LS Photo Pro Studio Sky Rail System Pantograph

  • Single carriage roller pre-installed:  Enables you to position anywhere you want
  • Supports a load of up to 22 Lbs of studio lighting or reflection device
  • Spring counter-balanced: Moves smoothly up and down when necessary
  • Extends to 72“
  • 5/8” Universal stud included



Double Sliding Carriage

  • Connects to the overhead(stationary) rail and allows for complete freedom of movement along the rail, as well as the lower runner(floating rail)
  • Offers 360° rotation:  provides positioning a second rail with light attached in any direction that you need them


Rail Extender

  • Enables you to make various layouts depends on your studio size or requirement
  • 2 pcs/set (screws and nuts included)


Mounting Bracket with Screws


8 x Ceiling Wire Holding Clips

End Stop Screws




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